Simple psychological tricks to get your life in sync with your dreams

The pattern of your actions, thoughts, feelings & dreams repeats constantly throughout your life. If you analyze these patterns for next 24 hours, you can see how your life will turn out to be 10 years from now. You can actually see your future self.

The pattern of your actions, thoughts, feelings & dreams repeats constantly throughout your life. If you analyze these patterns for next 24 hours, you can see how your life will turn out to be 10 years from now. You can actually see your future self.

It is scary. This day in my life is not just any ordinary day. It’s a mirror into my life.The way I live my 24 hours is exactly the way I live my entire life.

Things that motivates me, will keep motivating me in different forms on different days. What scares me will keep scaring me in different ways in different forms. I will keep seeking pleasure the same way the way I am seeking it today. My fears & desires are still driving me without me being conscious about them. I am being controlled by my own habits, subconscious thought patterns & actions.

Question: Can I alter my life & change it’s master blueprint?
For it to work, first I must know what kind of life I want. So I am going to start unravelling my life. With the insights that I will discover along the way I will start re-building my 24 hours to look the way my life must look.

You too can use these simple but powerful secrets to build a new blueprint of your life.

Here Are The Secrets

“Start by writing an eulogy – ”

What do you want to be remembered for? Writing your own eulogy will inspire you to sync your actions & thoughts in harmony with your passions and the kind of person that you want to become. When you will read your eulogy, you will know instantly if the things that you are doing are really worth your time or not. It will act as your compass and will guide you to become the person that you always wanted to be.

“Next, write your definite chief aim – ”

Bruce Lee wrote a letter to himself titled as – “My Definite Chief Aim”

Read this slowly. Here it is.

Four years later, he was dead.

But in those four years, Bruce achieved everything he said he would and more. At 32 years of age, he had already changed the fate of film and martial arts forever.

Writing a letter to yourself will help your conscious thoughts to
penetrate in your subconscious mind. Whatever it is that you will write
and state explicitly will go deep in your subconscious and will become
a part of you. Even when you will not be working towards that goal,
your subconscious will be working for you in your sleep and every
waking hour to help you reach there.
Even Jim Carrey did something similar. Read here.

“Now, tell yourself that when you sleep tonight, you might not wake up tomorrow. ”

Most of our days we are paralysed by fears. We do things because we are scared rather than doing things because we get pleasure. Fears drives us. This simple knowledge that you might not wake up tomorrow will give you strength to face these fears. You won’t be paralysed by your fears anymore. You can finally make those calls you were dreading. You can finally quit your job. You can finally tell someone that you are in love with them if you knew there will be no tomorrow. Life will now flow with you because you will finally feel unstuck. You will become happier. Each day will be a new adventure.

“From now act like you already are the person who you wanted to be”

Amy cuddy in her widely watched Ted talk tells how she applied this principle to change her life around. See here

We become what we read, what we eat, what we dream, what we think & what we do. Our whole being is in harmony. Mind+Body+Imagination they all are connected. So if you train one part of your being, that training penetrates deep into other parts of your being too. Once you have written your definite chief aim then start living that way. Start acting like the person you want to become down the line. Then the whole universe will conspire to make you that person. Each part of you will be on the path to becoming that person. Don’t wait till that day. Be that person now.

Be Mindful of your every single thought and every single action

Being mindful helps you see & drop your biases. Learn the art of being mindful in your life (both personal & professional). Do each task like it’s your last and merge into it. Be so present that you start seeing what others miss. If you let mindfulness seep into even a small part of your life then it will automatically penetrate other parts of your life too. Every moment of your life will become peaceful, happy and full of creativity. Learn the science of mindfulness and color your complete life with it. Nothing repurposes life for happiness & creativity like mindfulness does.

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Using just one of these secrets will radically change the trajectory of your life & will give your life rocket boosters. Apply one secret right now.


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